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Reasons you Need to Floss

Posted on 5/26/2015 by Fady Ebid

A pair of hands holding a piece of dental floss. How often have you been to the dentist and heard the question: Are you flossing regularly? For many patients, unfortunately, the answer often is "no." While most people say they do brush their teeth twice daily, fewer people floss once per day, as the ADA recommends.

People who skip flossing do not realize how important flossing is for dental health. A toothbrush just cleans the top and outer tooth surfaces. Dental floss actually is an interdental cleaning instrument; it cleans between the teeth, where your toothbrush cannot go.

So, here are the top 5 reasons you should be flossing daily:

1.  Brushing and Flossing Together Is Better
Brushing your teeth twice daily is good, but flossing as well is much better. Here is why: Your toothbrush functions by scrubbing away the plaque - your toothpaste enhances this effect, and the fluoride in it cuts down on the bacteria left in your mouth. However, brushing cannot reach the tiny spaces between the teeth and in the gum line.

Floss is specifically designed to get rid of the bacteria-filled plaque that finds its way between your teeth and gums. The ADA recommends that you actually floss prior to brushing as this actually helps during the brushing process. Less plaque is between the teeth so the fluoride in the paste can reach more areas of your mouth.

2.  Flossing Helps Your Gums
Flossing allows you to get where the teeth and gums meet. Tiny bits of food and plaque get stuck in there. Over time, this can harden and turn into tartar, which only your dentist can remove. If too much tartar builds up, this may lead to gingivitis, which causes red and swollen gums. If it is not dealt with, tartar and plaque can get deep below the gum line and cause periodontitis, which is a serious gum disease.

3.  Flossing Saves Money
Most of us are interested in saving money, and flossing regularly can reduce your dental expenses. According to the Children's Dental Health Project, preventive dental care can save you a lot of money if you make sure your children have their first checkup before they are one year old. By the child's fifth birthday, dental costs were shown to be 40% lower than other children's who had not gone to the dentist regularly.

Research also shows that people who only do emergency dental visits usually pay up to 10 times more for their dental care over a long period.
The thing to remember here is that brushing AND flossing often prevents problems from occurring. While serious dental problems can usually be fixed by our office, it can be more costly than preventative care. Save money by flossing.

4.  Flossing Stops Other Diseases
Disease of the gums and teeth can have very serious effects other than bad breath or discolored teeth. Research tells us that bacteria that grow in the mouth can harm the body and may lead to heart damage, diabetes and respiratory problems. In fact, in 2003, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began calling for public health efforts to better deal with oral health as a way to stop life-threatening illnesses.

5.  Flossing Prevents Tartar
Most of us do not enjoy the part of a dentist office visit where he or she must scrape tartar off the teeth. Once tartar is on the teeth, this is the only way to get it off - flossing helps to prevent tartar from building up at all.

Combining brushing, flossing and a good fluoride mouthwash daily are effective ways to prevent tartar build up. It is for all of the above reasons that taking two minutes to floss daily can really save you hassle and money later on.

In addition to flossing, however, make sure to keep your regular dental appointments with us - please call us today at (678) 390-5599 to make your appointment!

Preparing For Your Visit
We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve full dental health. We ask that you complete your Patient Forms a minimum of two days prior to your scheduled appointment with Lake Pointe Dental - Marietta. This allows our front office team to fully prepare your dental insurance benefits for a comprehensive consultation.

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