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Water Helps Your Teeth Stay Healthy, Find Out What it Does

Posted on 6/20/2017 by Fady Ebid
A woman drinking a glass of water.
Water, water everywhere and it's a good thing too. If you didn't have water to rinse your mouth out, boy the world would be an ugly place. Water is the universal solvent. Its chemical structure causes it to be able to break apart the components of other substances.

That's why it is so successful at cleaning anything. Leave it in water long enough and it will loosen just about anything. But these days, in most municipalities, the water also contains Fluoride, the best cavity-fighting substance there is.

So What Does Water Do?

You can start with water's benefits in general. The majority of your body is made up of water. It stands to reason, then, that drinking water would be required if you want to stay healthy.

But what does that have to do with your teeth you wonder. Well, if you are trying to cut out sugar, you know not to drink pop, sports drinks, fruit punch, and a host of other sugary drinks.

But you have to replace it with something because it isn't as if you no longer get thirsty. So what could you replace it with? Hmm, how about water? Good thinking, replace the sugary drinks with water.

When you replace the sugary drinks with water, not only does it help keep your body healthy, but it does help your oral health as well. The first way it helps your teeth is to wash away food debris and bacteria.

What bacteria it can't wash away, it dilutes. It protects your teeth two ways and helps the saliva to do its job.

It also combats dry mouth that you can get from medication, colds or sinus problems. This prevents saliva from washing your teeth with its building blocks fluoride, calcium and phosphate.

Lastly, water washes your teeth with fluoride. Fluoride forms a protective coating on your enamel protecting it from the acids introduced by food and drinks.

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