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Chipped or Discolored teeth can be renewed with veneers. Veneers can help gaps disappear, leaving behind a beautiful smile. Discover our different options in veneer choices.

Dental Veneers

Vivaneers are an ultra-thin veneer that does not require the damaging preparation of your natural teeth.Traditional veneers are used to improve the look of chipped, gaped or stained teeth. They can be either built up directly on the tooth or fabricated in a lab and then bonded onto the tooth. Before the veneer is placed, the dentist needs to prep the tooth. This is done by shaving and drilling the tooth which requires the administration of medication for your comfort. The result is a perfect appearing veneered tooth, but does forever alter the natural tooth beneath the veneer.


What are Vivaneers?

Vivaneers™ are an ultra-thin veneer that requires no prep of your natural teeth. No shots, no drilling, and no pain. Vivaneers are the perfect solution to cover stained, discolored or chipped teeth, or as a way to fill in spaces between your teeth. Most importantly, your natural tooth is left alone. The ultra-thin material of Vivaneer allows us to cause no additional damage to your tooth.

How are Vivaneers Different?

Vivaneers are a No-Prep Veneer. Vivaneers benefit the patient by offering no pain, no discomfort, and as a result are less expensive due to less time in the chair. Vivaneers are able to be placed without shaving your natural tooth because they are thinner. Traditional veneers are 0.5 millimeters opposed to Vivaneers which are 0.3 millimeters, giving you a ultra-thin veneer that is still super strong. Less time in the chair does not mean haphazardly placed. Forms are still taken, and your Vivaneers are created in a dental lab with trained technicians. The product is created to fit you and your mouth. This is not rushed, and Vivaneers are made to be strong. Using Prismatik ThinPress, your dentist can help you select and color your Vivaneers right there in the office.

What is Prismatik ThinPress?

Prismatik ThinPress is used for shading with complete translucent and opaque shading flexibility right at the chair.

Vivaneers are an ultra-thin veneer that requires no-prep of your natural tooth but offers the strength you are seeking.

Vivaneers is a reversible procedure!

With No-Prep, Vivaneers are reversible! Don't like it? No problem. If you need your dentist to remove your Vivaneer for any reason, your original tooth is still in place under the ultra-thin veneer with no additional damage.

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Preparing For Your Visit
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